Enjoying a lovely crafternoon. Made my first attempt at a diy partyparty. Not perfect, but makes an easy project seem even simpler.

This is the face I wake up to each morning. Sort of creepy, no? Maybe a coat of white spray paint will add a modern flair?



I gave this some thought today at work and this is what I came up with (caveat that for ‘ugly, middle-aged women’ I am basically just using women whose faces bear visible signs of aging and look like they could potentially enact some violence).

Sigourney Weaver:

Angela Bassett:

Anna Gunn:

Pam Grier:

Kate Mulgrew:

Lorraine Toussant:

Edie Falco:

Anna Deveare Smith:

Sinqua Walls:

Michael Trevino:

Charles Michael Davis:

Colton Haynes:

Zac Efron:

Michael B. Jordan:

Godfrey Gao:

And a twinky Hugh Dancy just because:

Would watch this movie, buy the DVD and live blog it with Keser and Ellen.

(Source: hellotailor)

Summer To Do List

Inspired by this article and an epic conversation with the Bestie, I present my To Do List for this Summer. We agreed that all items must be verified by photographs. In modern parlance, pics or it didn’t happen!

Should be interesting when I “Make the First Move” and maybe a bit boring during my viewing of several versions of P&P, but a deal is a deal.